Mercado campesino

Site where farmers and micro-entrepreneurs in the region market their products with the tourists who wish provide food and other typical products of the area. This peasant square is an ecological market with 188 stores, built with stones, earth and molasses, which makes it unique in our country, because you are replacing the cement by adobe´s footprint land, mixed with caliche (natural lime) to give greater compacting to the walls of the premises. Each local has a concave figure where the earth works as a  temperature insulation  (if outside it´s hot, inside is cold and vice versa) and the cover is a ceiling of round wood, tables or guaduas covered with grass, giving a sense of live roof.

In this place can also find a church for 300 people with a dome built with earth, manure from cow, molasses and caliche. Also there is a space where children play, and a square that separates the local farmers and micro-entrepreneurs. El Hostel Mi Gran Santander is located 1 kilometer from the peasant market.