Municipality of Los Santos


  It is far from Hostel Mi Gran Santander 15 km by paved road. That municipality represents a historic, colonial place that keeps the tradition of our ancient people of Santander, built in Spanish tiles and tread adobe walls. In this municipality we can find multiple original traces of cretaceous era, as well as a vast network of indigenous caves with pictograms and burials of aboriginal people.
The main tourist  attraction of the town is given by La Mesa de los Santos, since it has become the forced resting place of the inhabitants in the metropolitan area of Bucaramanga, by being very close to the capital of Colombia, Bogota, for having a wonderful climate and for being a place of peace. La Mesa de los Santos is an ideal place for practicing gliding, cycling, hiking, rafting or simply to relax and enjoy with the family.

Among the tourist attractions of La Mesa de los Santos are several viewpoints towards the Chicamocha canyon, the paths of the German Georg Von Lengerlke, also cave paintings, rocks with fossils, mines of plaster whose caves give the impression of being a Colosseum.